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T-shirt proceeds support Girls on Fire. On the front of the t-shirt, the Girls on Fire logo is featured in white. On the back of the t-shirt are hashtags in gold print that illuminate the Girls on Fire values of self-respect (#iRespectMyselfTooMuchToBeDisrespected and #ByeSelfHatred), kindness (#BeingMeanIsNotCute), courage (#GetUpAndGrow), unity (#GirlsUnitedNotDivided), and leadership. When our girls practice our values, they become better leaders. Centered on back at the top is "Girls on Fire Supporter." Sizes are available in small, medium, large, and extra large while supplies last. Thanks for your support.

Hashtags Supporter T-shirt

Color: Black
  • Girls on Fire Hashtags Supporter T-shirt for Fundraising Purposes

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