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Nakesia Daugherty, Founder and Executive Director

Program Director

Girls on Fire fulfills my passion for empowering young women. Strength is built over time and a multitude of experiences. I realize that how I overcame obstacles and seized opportunities shaped me into the woman I am today. These encounters helped test my foundation of values, beliefs about who I am, and my ability to persevere. In Girls on Fire, we are helping girls discover and love themselves from within. Girls are challenged to become better leaders. Opportunities provided during our unique 32-week program help lay a solid foundation for girls to resiliently strive to be their best. 


LaVetta London, Assistant Program Director

Girls on Fire means learning to accept and love who you are. Building confidence within yourself and striving to reach your highest potential. To me it means bridging the gap between what society believes to be beautiful vs. what we know to be beauty. A girl on fire sets goals for herself and works industriously to achieve those goals. It’s about finding yourself and becoming the best you can be not only in the classroom, but also in the real world.


Sarrita Harris, Board Secretary

 I believe the empowerment of young women is crucial to change in the world.


Lori Williams, Board Treasurer

Reaching back to help girls and women be succesful has always been important to me.

Patricia Blanks Headshot_edited.png

Patricia Blanks, Board Member

Girls on Fire is a great program with a solid mission! I must say I have been impressed with the level of engagement and activities throughout the year along with the smiles on the faces of the girls during the end of the year ceremony.

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