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Girls on Fire is dedicated to maintaining great relationships with community partners. Imagine how your organization can empower women to become a trailblazer in your field. An organization's members or employees can impact girls ages 9 - 18 through its volunteer efforts.


Organizations can get involved in one of the following ways:

  • Host an interactive and hands-on field trip at your site for 3-4 hours to help girls experience your industry/field.

  • Send volunteers to provide an interactive workshop at the Girls on Fire site to provide hands-on interactive activities, training, insight, or develop the Girls on Fire members' skills in your organization's industry/field.

  • Provide girls with a tour or experience on a project or job site which your company has contributed to (i.e. visit a completed building project designed by architects at your firm)

  • Host a networking event at your site.

  • Provide a unique experience.

What organizations have partnered with Girls on Fire?

Community Life Line of East St. Louis, IL

St. Louis Bridge Company

Dress for Success Midwest

St. Louis County Government

Rosemann & Associates, P.C.

Roanoke Construction

Disclaimer: Girls on Fire has partnered with the above organizations for field experiences that were arranged and conducted by members of the above organizations. Girls on Fire is a separate entity that is not otherwise affiliated with the aforementioned organizations. Girls on Fire does not represent these organizations.

Girls on Fire at Rosemann and Associates

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