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Girls on Fire Ignite!

Each month, we honor Girls on Fire members and contributors.There are so many female trailblazers who are already making their mark on the world. The accomplishments of these phenomenal young women speak for themselves. Let's shine the spotlight on them and continue to inspire more girls to "ignite their amazing!"


2019 Featured

Girl on Fire

Auriel Cooper

Graduated from Truman State University with a B.S. in Business Administration

Concentration: Management Information Systems

At a young age, Auriel discovered her love for dance. She took her first dance class 25 years ago and loved every minute of it. She has experience in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, African dance, and praise dance. She has been a part of four different dance teams/organizations. Currently, Auriel is a dancer and choreographer for one of the praise dance ministries at West Side Missionary Baptist church located in St. Louis, MO.

"Dancing is in my soul from my head to my toes."

-Auriel Cooper

Auriel the Graceful

Auriel is volunteering for her second year providing elegant and graceful choreography for the Let's Dance Program. 

Auriel has choreographed a piece which highlights the power and beauty of our girls. It fuses together various dance styles in a way that is simply regal. ​


2019 Featured

Girl on Fire

Yuliana Perez

Saint Louis University Health Science Major

Pre-Med Track


Metro High School Graduate

High School Achievements

With the Women's Association

fundraised to give hygiene items to homeless shelters and raised awareness about girl power

Aftercare Volunteer Tutor

Assistant in her parish helping children


Girls on Fire Alumnus

(the first class!)


First language: Spanish

"My overall dream is to find my purpose. I hope that through the years in college and experience I meet my desired career or who I want to be as a person."

Yuliana the Pioneer

"I'm not just a first generation student going into college but the first in my family to graduate from high school. Going to college was such a big transition for me, but I am glad I am where I am."

"A club for girls at SLU that I am interested in fundraises for and gives materials to girls that want to attend high school in Central America, but just don't have the economic advantage. This is exactly what I want to do, knowing that high school is a big privilege in other countries like where my parents are from. "



Girl on Fire


Rebecca Harris

NAACP Youth Council


Girls on Fire Alumnus


High School

Ambassador &

Diversity Club Member 

Future Entrepreneur &

Criminal Justice Reform Activist in US

Rebecca the Leader

"I want to go back to the Ivory Coast in Africa where I was born to help boys and girls from my country strive to be who they want to be."

"God has worked in mysterious ways. He led me to Girls on Fire and into the arms of many empowering women, where I learned my self-worth and the importance of being a leader."


Girl on Fire




Attends CMSU

Fashion Merchandising Major

Member of the Association of Black Collegians

Sustainable Fashion Designer

Quarter Finalist at National Speech Speech and Debate Tournament

Homecoming Queen

Prom Queen

Varsity Cheerleading Captain

2-Time State Cheerleading Champion

In January 2019, Cydni led Girls on Fire members in courageous conversations to motivate and inspire the soon to be high schoolers.

Cydni the Creator

"I'm a girl on fire because I don't let anything stand in the way of my goals, and I have never-ending faith in God's plan.

"You are how you carry yourself."

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